About us

FiberWeek is the Leading South East European Convention on fiber optic technology and technique, research, development, investments and implementation, telecommunications and sensors.

FiberWeek commenced in 2003 with a mission to promote fiber based technologies which ensure speed of light data flow.

The convention is organized by the private company STE Ltd, supported - from the beginning - by NBG GmbH, mTeh Ltd and EXFO Ltd, and endorsed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University of Zagreb.

Our participants come from various kinds of international industries like Telecommunications, Broadband Services, Telecom Providers, Civil Engineering, Regulatory Agencies, Local Authorities, International Organizations and Universities etc.


The FiberWeek Concept (not fixed and spreading every year in more and more technical and other fields) covers:

·         Thematic fields of the Fiber Optics Measurements, Monitoring and Sensors:

o    Application of Fiber Optic Sensing and Monitoring Systems in Industrial Measurements, Civil Engineering, Oil-And-Gas Industry, Telecommunications, Medicine, Metrology, and alike, with a focus on R&D Activities, Project Realization and Application Reports.

·         Thematic fields of the Fiber Optics Telecommunications, FTTH, Gigabit Society, FTTA and 5G Networks:

o    FTTH, Fiber Optic Backbone, Broadband Access, Broadband Services, Telecom Providers, Internal Cabling - developments, applications, measurements, experience, references

o    FTTA and 5G Networks

o    IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Counties

o    International Experience

o    EU Funds and alike, and Private Investors

o    Regulatory Agencies

o    Local Authorities in service