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Letter of Intent to Participate in Present and Future FiberWeek Initiative.


Inviting Presenters & Lecturers to Lead the Discussion in Fiber Optics at FiberWeek 2024

Inviting both forward-thinking institutions and universities to share their insights at FiberWeek 2024, we are keen to explore the future intersection of AI and fiber optic networks. FiberWeek 2024 is set for April 23-25 at the Grand View Hotel in Postira, bringing together the best professionals in the fiber optics industry. Expertise and insights from academic institutions are sought after to propel development and innovation in this ever-changing domain.

As we hit our 18th anniversary, the event has grown into being South East Europe's leading conference on fiber optic technology. FiberWeek invites industry experts to contribute to the dialogue that shapes the future of the field, and some potential topics for discussion include the broad impacts of AI on the future of fiber optic networks, its specific implications for operators and installers, and the innovative role of AI in performing measurements within fiber optics systems.

This is Why Your Participation at FiberWeek 2024 Matters…

Participating in FiberWeek 2024 stimulates the formulation of innovative approaches, thereby encouraging the implementation of sustainable practices, monitoring, and exploration. Presenters and lecturers alike have the opportunity to strengthen the body of collective knowledge and gain access to novel opportunities for professional development and education within the academic community through taking an active role.

After all, the close-knit partnership between academia and industry is critical in influencing the trajectory of fiber optic research and its practical implementation towards developing a more sustainable and technologically advanced global society.

Discover the Presentation Topics for FiberWeek 2024

Our curated presentation topics allow participants to explore this intersection from various angles, infusing technical depth and original thinking.

“Potential Influence of AI on Future Fiber Optic Networks” would relate to the evolving capabilities of AI and offer exciting prospects for the future of fiber optic networks. Presentations could explore possible avenues such as AI-enabled smart routing, capacity planning, and bandwidth allocation, offering insights into how AI might streamline operations, bolster security measures, and enrich user experiences through adaptive network functionalities.

In parallel, “AI's Role in Fiber Optic Networks for Operators and Installers” would focus on potential applications of AI in automating installation processes and optimizing network deployment strategies. Such sessions could explore AI-driven tools and techniques that could potentially enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and decrease operational costs, fostering more resilient and adaptable network infrastructures.

Adding depth to the discussion, “AI in Fiber Optics Systems and Network Measurements” explores how AI integration might enhance precision and efficiency in measuring fiber optics. The potential of AI to analyze extensive data sets in real-time offers intriguing possibilities for improving fault detection, signal optimization, and network health monitoring. Yet, a deeper analysis could uncover the essential role of AI algorithms in predictive maintenance and system optimization, aiming to reduce downtime and elevate service quality.

Interested in Influencing the Future of Fiber Optics? Join Us at FiberWeek 2024

Working together, we want to reveal how developments in AI will change the evolution of fiber network management, operation, and understanding. Involve yourself with Fiber Optics and other powerful players to develop innovative solutions for fiber optics – reach out to us today!


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